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STEP® Pre-Reg

STEP® is an innovative educational programme, specifically designed to help optometry students succeed.

All About STEP® Pre-Reg


STEP® Pre-Reg provides a core foundation of support to Pre-Reg trainees through various modes of learning, including online modules. STEP® Pre-Reg is designed to promote independent learning and encourage positive well-being in order to allow you to develop into highly competent and skillful optometrists.



STEP® Mentor

Direct help from a newly qualified STEP® mentor in a WhatsApp group. Trainees have the ability to ask questions, network with fellow colleagues and discuss the varying elements of their pre-registration experience.

Introductory Webinar

This webinar is specifically designed to welcome you to STEP® Pre-Reg. Full of helpful hints and tips, this interactive webinar will start you on your STEP® Pre-Reg journey.

Online Learning

Access to online learning when YOU need it. An online learning journey with modules designed to support and encourage self-directed learning aiming to assist with competency based assessment preparation. Move through the learning at the pace that suits your pre-registration journey. No expiry dates or deadlines!

Virtual Classes

Learn from the comfort of your own home by participating in our virtual classes delivered to complement the scheme for registration. These are interactive classes hosted by the STEP® faculty team and provide chances to ask questions and embed knowledge and understanding.

Osce Course

Have the opportunity to attend the sought after Mock OSCE Preparation course delivered by senior faculty members, where you are able to attain a real life experience and receive invaluable one to one feedback in preparation for the final examination.

Educational Resources

Access to a large bank of educational resources and digital learning material that supports learning and the scheme for registration.