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STEP® Student

STEP® is an innovative educational programme, specifically designed to help optometry students succeed.

All About STEP® Student

STEP® Student is the first stepping stone of the educational learning programme where you are supported across your penultimate and final year of university, and is open to all optometry students to join.*

*Available to universities currently involved in STEP®

Commitment to Continuous Support

  • Supporting Success Presentation
  • Educational Materials
  • Optional Research Project
  • STEP® Student Interactive Webinar Series
  • Undergraduate Bitesize Learning Activities
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Interacting with STEP® Student generates credits
  • Credit Scheme used to allocate on STEP® Pre-Reg
  • Available to students who show commitment to learning
One of the highlights would have to be the support and extra knowledge I gained while on STEP®. Had I not been on STEP®, I wouldn’t be the same Optometrist I am today.
Hassnain Safdar BSc (Hons) MCOptom, STEP® Graduate and STEP® Junior Faculty Member