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Educational Moments® In Conversation

To communicate well, use every patient interaction as an opportunity to really build rapport with your patients.

If we are to succeed with progressing potential wearers to a contact lens trial, it is important to identify and address any barriers that may be present.

Almost half of new wearers who drop out of contact lens wear do so in the first two months1. By providing the right level of support during this critical period we are more likely to convert our trial into a long-term, happy and loyal contact lens wearer.

You and your staff’s sports vision assessment begins as soon as your patient walks through the door

Evidence shows young people benefit from wearing contact lenses with 90% being able to successfully wear and care for their lenses.1

It is important that we identify visual and lifestyle changes in our long-term contact lens patients and offer alternative and more suitable options before losing them altogether.

As eye care practitioners we have a duty of care to offer patients the opportunity to update their vision correction if we feel they would benefit.